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A challenge

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Since acquiring my Fude nib pen last month I have tried various experiments: I have created sketches by first doing a pencil guide and going over it with ink; created sketches omitting the pencil stage and going straight to ink and played around with waterproof and non waterproof inks.

Similarly I have explored a few different surfaces for pen and wash: various watercolour papers and have generally favoured Bristol Board for its extra smooth surface and brightness.

I have also had some success with Khadi; the hand made cotton rag paper from India but have never dared try its mega rough surface with a Fude. So far my efforts have been restricted to a Rotring pen which gave me some degree of control.

However, that changed this week when I set myself my biggest challenge yet. The subject - The Magistrate's Building in York - was one of the most complicated I have attempted so far. If that wasn't tough enough, I decided to sketch without an initial pencil drawing and to do it on Khadi paper.

Just to make things more difficult, I had to balance my drawing board without disturbing my cat who'd decided that my lap was his favourite place to be.

One more departure for me was deciding not to colour wash this one and leave it just as it is in black and white.

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