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New Direction

When I first began to paint I visited as many galleries as I could to view art by other artists and was curious when a set of Constable sketches came to Stamford.

Now before I saw these, my only experience of Constable was the print of The Haywain in my Mother’s and countless other Living Rooms. Not my ’cup of tea’ at all but , as I have said, I was curious to see a renowned artist’s work first hand.

What I saw left an impression that has remained with me for twenty years. The three sketches were of boats sailing into a harbour. The striking aspect of them was the economy of technique to convey the scene. Each had only a few marks on the page but it was completely obvious what was depicted.

While I would never presume to be on a par with Constable, I have tried to work equally sparsely with a new series of pen and ink sketches to convey a similar sense of place.

These first two are from my holiday journals and may be used as open greeting card designs. The first shows Ullswater in the Lake Destrict. The second is a collection of oats on New Quay Beach in West Wales.

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