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My Favourite Media

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

I work In watercolour, acrylics and the occasional oil and am often asked which is my favourite. That is a hard one to answer because I like all three for different reasons

Acrylics are great because you can paint over anything you don’t like and they are quick to dry. I find them the easiest to work with.

i don’t have the patience for oils and get banished to the garage when I use them because of the smell. However, I love the end result and have produced some of my best work in oil.

I think, if forced to pick, that watercolour is my number one. I first learnt with watercolour and, although it’s the hardest to work with I love the unpredictable nature of when the paint hits the page.

Recently I have been exploring honey-based paints and a looser style and the results are now on line.

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