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Another Sketch of the Magistrate’s Building, York

Although I was really happy with my first drawing of this wonderful example of Victorian architecture, I wanted to try it again for two reasons. Firstly I wanted to do a colour washed version using Senellier paints to try and fully capture the essence of the place. My second reason was for commercial reasons.

While I have to sell or sometimes gift my works on canvas because of storage space, I don't have the same problems with these sketches as they just slip neatly into a portfolio for me to enjoy and revisit from time to time. Consequently, I rarely sell my pen & wash originals but I do make high quality prints available both here and from my Etsy shop.

I decided to redo the the Magistrate's Building because, as good as the first line version was, the rough Khadi paper used is impossible to scan cleanly so it is impossible to offer prints of this one. So it is back to the extra smooth Bristol Board for a new version. Hope you like it.

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